The Coastal Flood Monitoring System (CFMS) is one of many tools used when preparing for a coastal flooding event. There are many other sources of information that are reviewed and analyzed to develop a valid understanding of each event and its possible impacts. Several factors must be taken into account when forecasting the extent and severity of a flood.

Below are some resources that may help you understand coastal flooding, its impacts and its terminology.

  • Storm Surge & Coastal Inundation - NOAA has compiled educational material regarding storm surge flooding and the importance of accurate model prediction.
  • Coastal Hazards in Delaware and Coastal Hazards and Community Resiliency in Delaware - These two publications were produced by the Delaware SeaGrant to educate Delaware citizens on coastal hazards, and the importance of preparedness and awareness along the Delaware coastline.
  • Tides & Currents Education - NOAA explanation of tides and currents, what causes them, and how are they monitored.
  • What are Tidal Datums? - Definitions of vertical datums from NOAA National Ocean Service.
  • NWS Mt. Holly Office Tidal Impact Tables - These tables attempt to correlate tide levels at select National Ocean Service gages with their expected impact on local communities.
  • - This site, maintained by the Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA), provides information and tips to help Delaware citizens prepare for most major disasters.
  • NOAA Digital Coast - The Digital Coast provides the information needed by those who want to conserve and protect coastal communities and natural resources.
  • Delaware Coastal Storm Climatology and Damage Report: 1923-2009 - A report discussing the climatology of coastal storms and coastal storm damage along the Delaware coast for the period 1871 through 2009. A major thrust of this project was to determine areas of the State most susceptible to damage from coastal storms and the type and magnitude of damage associated with these events.
  • Delaware Coastline Data Gap Analysis - This project included an exhaustive inventory of real-time and archived data suitable for coastal flood monitoring and research. The inventory includes meteorological, tidal, stream flow and buoy data sources, along with ancillary sources of coastal information (i.e. research publications, non-digital records, modeling, etc.).